Frequently Asked Questions



If I decide that I no longer want to take part in the Wireless Stipend and would like cellular service to become Departmental cellular service, can I keep the same mobile number?

No, you would have to go with new service and a new number. The University does not acquire any mobile numbers that have been used as a personal number even if the number started out as a University mobile number and went to a personal account.


Stipend Policy


Why is the allowance I receive for my wireless plan and device taxable?

The allowance amount is taxable income because you will not be required to provide detailed documentation of your business calls or reimburse the University for any personal calls made. You may use your wireless device, paid for by the stipend, for personal calls. Your use, which is a tangible, personal benefit, should, on average, offset the tax burden resulting from the stipend.


How will the stipend payment be listed on the payroll stub?

The payment will be listed as a separate line on the payroll stub.


What happens if my actual business usage exceeds the amount of the monthly stipend I receive?

You may request an adjustment from your supervisor on an as-needed basis. You will need to provide your department with a copy of your wireless device statement noting the calls and the business purpose for each call.


Does everyone get a taxable allowance for a personally-owned wireless device?

No. You may only receive an allowance if your job requires that you carry a wireless device where other less expensive means of communication are not adequate. And you must be eligible:  position is Management Exempt, you are in the UCPEA union, or you are an Athletics employee in the AAUP union.


What happens after I am approved for an allowance?

The allowance will be added to your pay on the agreed upon date identified in the agreement, subject to payroll deadlines. You will continue to receive the allowance each pay day until the agreement is modified or terminated.


What if I leave the University before my wireless device contract expires? Will I be reimbursed for any cancellation fees?

Yes, if your employment is terminated for any reason and you elect to cancel your wireless agreement, the University will reimburse you for the cancellation fee, so long as you provide proof that you paid the cancellation fee and that you did so within sixty (60) days of the end of your employment by the University. If you elect to keep your wireless contract, you assume all costs.


What if I change jobs, does my stipend continue?

If you change jobs, your new director will be responsible for determining if the job responsibilities require a wireless device and if a stipend should continue. If a wireless device stipend is not approved, the University shall reimburse the employee for paying a termination fee.


How will the stipend benefit be managed?

It will be managed as all other benefits are managed. Specifically, if employment is terminated, payment for the cell phone plan would end based on the employee termination date. If the employee goes on leave/worker’s comp/disability, the payment should be managed as other similar benefits.


Will the taxable allowance be included in my income for calculating my retirement or other benefits?

Yes. The allowance paid to you is additional salary, and it will be included in your compensation for purposes of determining University retirement coverage or other benefits.


I’m a supervisor, how do I know which is the correct allowance amount for an employee?

The allowance amount must be based on the number of plan minutes needed by the employee for business purposes. In selecting the plan, departments should consider business usage only and not added personal usage.



Wireless Plans & Devices


The university authorizes a wireless device stipend (and compensates the employee) annually. Can I select a plan for a longer term?

Yes. You may choose to select a longer term contract but will assume any risk should the authorization for the stipend end prior to the completion of the contract.


Can I use my wireless device for personal calls when I purchase it with a taxable allowance from the University?

Yes. Because you own the phone, however, the amount of your wireless device allowance will be calculated based on the number of minutes you need for University business use.


What happens if my wireless device is lost, stolen or damaged?

You will be required to replace it at your cost since it is your personal device. A remote wipe of the handheld will be done in order to remove all University information. If the device is found after a remote wipe the device will have to be reactivated.


Can I purchase additional minutes for personal use if I pay for the minutes myself?



Can I add a wireless device to an existing family plan if it is cheaper than buying a new phone and getting a new number under the allowance method?



Will the University purchase accessories like a Bluetooth, extra batteries, etc.?

No. You are responsible for the purchase of any accessories.


I currently have a University purchased wireless device. Is it possible to port my number to my service provider?

Yes. Contact UITS Cellular Services and someone will work with you to complete that process.


I currently have a University purchased/issued wireless device and would like to keep it. Can I do that?

NO.  You cannot keep the university-issued device.  All stipend participants must use their personal device.  Please return the university device to your supervisor.


Do I get to keep my phone, when my personal contract expires?

Yes.  This is your personal device and it is not issued by the university.


Which monthly plans have the best price?

You should speak with the wireless providers and check their websites. Some providers provide discounts to State of Connecticut employees. Price should only be one factor in your choice. The lowest price carrier may not meet your coverage and other needs. You should take full advantage of any trial periods offered by the carrier and pay attention to your level of service during that period.


Am I required to publish my telephone number?

You will only be expected to provide your number to authorized University officials.